Honeycomb Floating Roof

General Information

Download the Honeycomb Roof Demo (PDF)

Specs for Honeycomb Internal Floating Roofs (PDF)

  • Floats in full surface contact with the liquid, eliminating a free liquid surface and formation of hazardous trapped vapors.
  • Panels are inherently buoyant, weighing less than one pound per square foot and can float large loads.
  • Won’t burn. The aluminum, non-combustible construction of the PETREX honeycomb roof will not burn and the full surface contact provides outstanding fire safety characteristics.
  • Minimizes evaporation losses. Since the roof floats in full surface contact with the liquid, there is no free liquid from which evaporation could occur. The patented gasketed panel seam provides the lowest emissions of any bolted seam.
  • Is easily installed. The PETREX aluminum honeycomb internal floating roof system is a self contained panel system, constructed of modular designed aluminum honeycomb panels. Each panel is fabricated to be uniform, durable, strong and buoyant, eliminating the need for structural framing. The panels fasten together quickly and simply, utilizing the patented PETREX aluminum clamp bar system.
  • Reduces air pollution. Except for minimal losses occurring around the seals at the tank shell and fixed roof support columns, the air space above the PETREX honeycomb roof is free of hydrocarbon vapors. The system meets all federal, state and local air quality regulations.
  • Provides great economy. The PETREX honeycomb roof system reduces the costs of installation, maintenance and downtime. The modular design and quality construction assures a long service life. In addition, the elimination of evaporation reduces production losses, increases profits and results in a quick return on your investment.


Technical Drawings

Section and Detail IFR – 1000

Honeycomb Roof General Plan – GP60

Panel Joining Detail – 1001

Primary and Secondary Seal – 2003

Primary and Secondary Wiper Seals – 2013

Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal – 2700

Primary and Secondary Mechanical Shoe Seal – 2720

Leg Assembly Detail – 3009

30-inch Diameter Manway – 4203

Column Well and Seal – 4304

Ground Cable Assembly – 5105

Anti-Rotation Cable – 5201

Automatic Tank Gage Well – 5313

Pressure Vacuum Vent – 5420

8-inch Gage Ladder Well and Seal – 6115

Gage Pipe Well and Seal – 6158


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